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Shuffles: The New Best Digital Vision Board

Hey girl, do you ever daydream about your goals and aspirations, envisioning the life you want to create for yourself? It’s a powerful practice—visualization—that has the potential to turn our dreams into reality.

And visualization is amplified when we create vision boards that showcase our intentions.

But making vision boards can be time-consuming.  And it’s not always easy to find physical images that perfectly reflect what we want to attract into our lives.

I always found myself printing out images from Pinterest and then cutting them out.  Sometimes they were bigger than I wanted them to be, sometimes they just didn’t fit how I wanted them to in my journal.

As much as I love creating vision boards, I found myself doing it less and less often because it felt more like a struggle than a relaxing ritual.

But I’m so excited to share that I’ve found a digital tool that can take your visualization practice to the next level!

And it’s totally free.

Allow me to introduce you to Shuffles—a digital mood board app by Pinterest that’s revolutionizing the way we can visualize and manifest our dreams.

In today’s post, we’ll dive deep into Shuffles and explore its potential as a digital vision board tool. I’ll share with you how I’ve been using it to have fun making vision boards for everything!  

Are you ready? Let’s manifest some magic together!

best digital vision board
A money-manifesting vision board I made with Shuffles

What is Shuffles?

Shuffles is a digital moodboard app made by Pinterest.  It’s available on both iOS and Android (at the time of writing this post it is, anyway). 

At its core, Shuffles allows users to curate and organize collections of images, cutouts from pins, and text—much like a traditional mood board.  But of course, I’ve been using it in a more woo-woo way: building vision boards!

What sets Shuffles apart from other digital mood board apps is its user-friendly design and robust feature set. From drag-and-drop functionality to seamless integration with Pinterest, Shuffles makes it easy to create and customize your digital vision boards with just a few taps. 

best digital vision board tool
An Aphrodite self-love-inspired vision board

Why Shuffles for Vision Boards?

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s no surprise that digital tools like Shuffles are changing the way we approach visualization and manifestation. I’m a paper and pen girl at my core, but even I’ve been converted to a digital vision board enthusiast thanks to Shuffles.

Benefits of Digital Vision Boards

Traditional vision boards have long been a popular tool for manifesting, but they come with limitations. Physical boards can be cumbersome to create and maintain, and they’re often limited by space and resources. 

Digital vision boards, on the other hand, offer a world of possibilities. With Shuffles, you can create unlimited boards from an unending pool of aesthetic graphics and cutouts.  You can choose to publish them on Pinterest, or you can just keep them as drafts within your app and change them around whenever inspiration strikes. 

Plus, if you still want that physical touch, you can always save your vision board as an image to your device and then print it out and put it in your journal or grimoire!

best digital vision board
A feminine energy and abundance vision board

Unique Advantages of Shuffles

Shuffles takes digital vision boards to the next level with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. One of the biggest advantages of Shuffles is its unlimited customization options. 

Shuffles allows you to tailor your boards to suit your unique style and preferences, whether you’re a visual minimalist or a maximalist. 

And because it’s from Pinterest, you have access to every pin on there!  You can use entire pins in your board, or you can select certain parts of a pin’s graphics, just like cutting things out irl!

Enhancing Manifestation Practices:

Digital vision boards aren’t just convenient—they’re also powerful tools for enhancing manifestation practices. By visualizing your goals and desires regularly, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and align your thoughts and actions with your intentions. 

I’ve been making mini vision boards with Shuffles for each new moon, with affirmations and images that convey what my goals are for the next moon cycle.

best digital vision board
My vision board for the new moon in Taurus

Making a new vision board that matches the energy of the zodiac sign the new moon is in is a powerful manifestation practice, and with Shuffles I can create a beautiful vision board in about 20 minutes.  That ritual used to take me like two hour before when I had to find and print out, then cut out each image I wanted to use.

I then save my new moon vision board and set it as my phone’s lock screen.  Because, let’s be real, what do you look at more in a day than the lock screen of your phone? Exactly.

Having my digital vision boards on my lock screen lets me look at them way more often than when I used to have them in my journal.

How to Use Shuffles for Digital Vision Boards:

The best way to learn how to use Shuffles is to just download it and start playing with it, but here’s a few tips I’ve learned while I’ve been messing around on it:

shuffles digital vision board tutorial
Holding a graphic brings up the layer menu (on the left)

You can tap and hold any image to bring up the layer menu.  Then, while keeping your finger on the screen, you can slide your finger up or down to change the layer order of that graphic.  This makes layering things really easy!

You can also use the text input feature to write your own affirmations! See the “a” in the bottom menu of the above image? Tapping that brings up a text editor that lets you write anything you want.

best digital vision board
See the star? That means I’ve added that cutout to my favorites list

If you see a graphic you like while browsing, but don’t want to use it in your current vision board, you can tap and hold it until a star appears on it.  That means it’s now favorited, so you can easily find it again in your saved cutouts!

Shuffles also learns what you like, similar to how your Pinterest home feed updates with things related to what you’ve been pinning lately.  So the more you use Shuffles, the more it’ll suggest graphics that fit your vibe.

Okay, that’s the end of what I have for you today!  I hope I’ve inspired you to play around with Shuffles.  I think it’s an amazing digital tool for us woo-woo girls!

And to see the vision boards I make in the future, be sure to follow me on Pinterest!

(I’ve also started sharing them in my Instagram stories)

Now I want to know your thoughts in the comments section below. Have you used Shuffles to make vision boards?

Thanks for reading.  Here’s to manifesting your dreams and creating the life you’ve always imagined. 🥂

With gratitude and high vibes,

For more manifestation content, visit the Manifesting page here!

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