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Shield Your Spirit: Top Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

Hey there! Today, I want to chat about something that’s been a game-changer for me—crystals. If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to keep negative energy at bay and live your best, most authentic life.

As women, we’re constantly juggling careers, relationships, and personal growth. It’s essential to protect our energy, and crystals have been my go-to for that. Let me share with you my top picks for protection from negative energy.

crystals for protection from negative energy

Understanding Negative Energy and Its Impact

First things first, let’s talk about negative energy. It’s that heavy, draining feeling that creeps in from stress, toxic people, or even just a bad day. This energy can mess with our mood, our productivity, and even our health. 

For those of us focused on manifesting our best lives, it’s crucial to shield ourselves from this negativity. That’s where crystals come in—they can help us maintain our inner peace and positivity.

The Power of Crystals for Protection

Crystals have been used for centuries as tools for spiritual protection. They work by absorbing, transmuting, or deflecting negative energy. They can create a powerful shield around us when used with intention and mindfulness.

And the best part? You don’t need to be an expert to benefit from them. 

Just being open to their energy and purpose can make a significant difference.

Top Crystals for Protection from Negative Energy

Now, let’s dive into it. Here are my top seven crystals for protection from negative energy:

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerhouse when it comes to protection. This crystal is known for its ability to absorb negative energy and transform it into positive vibes. It’s like having a personal bodyguard with you at all times.


Amethyst isn’t just beautiful; it’s incredibly protective. This crystal helps create a serene space, free from negative thoughts and external stressors. 

Plus, it’s excellent for enhancing your intuition.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is fantastic for grounding and protecting. It helps you stay centered and calm, even when surrounded by chaos. This crystal acts as a shield against negative energy and electromagnetic smog.


Selenite is all about cleansing and protection. It has a high vibration that can clear your energy field and create a protective barrier around you. It’s also perfect for cleansing other crystals.

I keep a selenite heart sitting on top of the tarot/oracle deck that I use for my daily card pull to keep my deck cleansed and ready each day.


Hematite is a grounding stone that’s great for deflecting negative energy. It creates a protective shield around your aura and helps keep your thoughts and emotions balanced.


Citrine is a bright, sunny crystal that’s perfect for protecting against negative energy while promoting a positive outlook. It’s known to dispel fear and negativity, making room for happiness and light.


Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper is a nurturing stone that offers protection during spiritual work and travel. It helps shield against negativity and is excellent for grounding and stabilizing your energy.

I used to put a small yellow jasper in my bra whenever I had to go to my old workplace and I knew I had to work with this one grumpy man for my entire shift.  I remember after my shift was over I felt so much better than I used to.  Before I would always feel drained after getting through a shift with him.  The yellow jasper was doing its job!  

It’s still one of my favorite crystals I have to this day for energy protection. 

Tips on Using Crystals for Protection

Okay, so you’ve got your crystals. Now, how do you use them? Here are some tips that I’ve found super helpful:

🔮Wearing Crystals: One of the easiest ways to keep your protective crystals close is by wearing them as jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings keep your crystals’ energy within your aura all day.  You can also do what I did and stick one in your bra if it’s small enough (and smooth enough…you don’t want a pointy stone in there!)

🔮Meditation: Incorporate crystals into your meditation practice. Hold them in your hands or place them on your body to enhance your protective bubble and deepen your meditation.

🔮Home Placement: Place crystals in strategic locations around your home. I love putting Black Tourmaline near the front door to ward off negative energy from entering my space.

🔮Workplace Use: Keep a piece of Hematite on your desk to maintain a positive and protected work environment. It helps in staying focused and grounded amidst the hustle.

🔮Creating Protective Grids: Set up a crystal grid for comprehensive protection. Arrange your crystals in a geometric pattern and place it in an area where you need extra protection.

If you need some help setting up a crystal grid, check out this post, and grab your free printable crystal grids from me.

🔮Cleansing and Charging: Regularly cleanse and charge your crystals to keep their energy potent. You can use methods like moonlight, sunlight, or sage smudging.

crystals for protection from negative energy in your daily life

How to Choose the Right Crystal for You

Choosing the right crystal is all about intuition. When you’re picking out a crystal, trust your gut.

Which one are you drawn to?

Which one feels right when you hold it?

That’s usually the crystal you need. Remember, it’s about connecting with the crystal and listening to your inner guidance.

Incorporating Protective Crystals into Daily Life

Integrating these protective crystals into your daily routine is simpler than you might think. Wear them, meditate with them, or place them around your home and workspace. Create little rituals that include these crystals, like setting intentions or affirmations. 

Combining crystals with other protective practices like visualization can also amplify their effectiveness.

So there you have it—my favorite crystals for protection against negative energy. I can’t emphasize enough how much these little stones have helped me stay positive and focused.

Give them a try and see how they can transform your life. Here’s to manifesting your best life and living authentically with the help of crystals!

Stay protected and positive!

If you’re new to working with crystals, check out my Crystals 101 guide here.

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